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We provide personalized, live Telugu lessons delivered by our skilled tutors through Skype/zoom. We are Specialised in teaching spoken and written Telugu, as well as advanced levels.


We offer One-to-One tailor-made lessons as well group classes that give students an opportunity to work on areas of particular interest or concern. Our teachers are experienced native Telugu speaking teachers who have been teaching Telugu for many years.

Spoken Telugu

Whether you are a Beginner, or perhaps you understand Telugu but have difficulty in speaking, with ample practice from your end, each lesson in this section will ensure that your Telugu acquaintances are awed at your progress when you share your language skills with them.

Reading & Writing

Telugu Reading and Writing Course for All Ages, Whether with or without Prior Telugu Knowledge. Our course guarantees the ability to read and write within just 20 hours of instruction.

Telangana and Andra Pradesh syllabus

We teach Telangana and Andra Pradesh govt syllabus for our students in primary and secondary school levels .  This exam is not limited to school children but also extends to individuals aspiring to pursue government jobs.

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