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With over 12 years of experience, boasts a team of more than 20 dedicated teachers from various regions across India.


Sudha and Kavitha

We take immense pride in being the founders of With our professional qualifications in Information & Technology, we have successfully established and managed the ilearn series of teaching portals to fulfill our entrepreneurial aspirations




Our primary aim is to cultivate a warm and welcoming learning environment. Feedback from our valued customers reveals that they can perceive the nurturing and feminine touch we infuse into our online classrooms. We hold this recognition dear and cherish it as a testament to our dedication as women.

I Learn Telugu

Building upon the resounding success of our Telugu tutoring program, which empowers students to learn Telugu online, we have introduced the series. This expansion caters to the diverse educational needs of both children and adults, offering a range of subjects including Hindi, Carnatic music, and English.


In this age of advanced communication, our mission is to educate individuals using the most effective online tools, breaking down the barriers of language, time, and distance. We firmly believe that there should be no impediment to learning, regardless of your geographical location. The opportunity to pursue your desired knowledge is now within your reach, right from the comfort of your own living room.

Our Instructors

We have a dedicated team of over 20 highly-trained professionals for our Telugu classes.

Anusha Pradeep

Lakshmi Swathi



Anusha yu




Sri Sarala

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+91 9035394805


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