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Learn Telugu Reading and Writing

Some students can speak Telugu well, but have difficulty in reading and writing. For such students, we concentrate on their Reading and Writing skills.

Our teaching methodology is to introduce the letters of the alphabet along with small words and their pronunciation. Sample reading passages are provided together with the written script, so the student can follow the audio and read along.

Topics Covered

Telugu Alphabet – Reading

Telugu Alphabet – Writing

Simple words with one or two syllables

Simple sentences with few words

Course Requirements

Minimum Age: 4

Understanding of Basic English

Computer with Web Camera and Internet Connection

Prerequisite Course: None


60 mins per Session


Can be your choice

Class Ratio

1:1 Teacher- Students Ratio Group upon request


6 am to 10 pm IST on all days

One-on-One Sessions

1. Book an appointment for a “Free Demo Class”. We will schedule the session as per your request and communicate the same with you. 

2. Attend the scheduled Demo with one of our experienced trainers.

3. Our course advisor will connect with you to clarify your queries and discuss your options.

4. Enroll and start learning your preferred course at your convenience.

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