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Chris Meadows

Being a foreigner, I was skeptical taking Telugu writing classes though I know to speak Telugu. But it turned out to be an enriching experience. My instructor’s expertise and guidance helped me improve my language skills significantly. I now feel more confident expressing myself in Telugu, and I’m grateful for the valuable insights and resources provided throughout the course. Highly recommend it to anyone eager to enhance their Telugu writing abilities.

Dinesh P

My son is 7 years old and started classes with Ms. Hemalatha garu. My son has picked up the language and also is very excited about his telugu classes. Although, we were skeptical considering it was an online class, Hemalatha Garu made it really easy and she connected with my son very quickly. My son looks forward to his telugu class. He is able to understand much better and has also started conversing in Telugu. Hemalatha Garu is very patient and goes through the class at a good pace. My son thoroughly enjoys her classes.


Shalaka Virkar

I married into a Telugu family and my desire to learn it stems from there. I tried to find apps or books but there weren’t many available. ilearntelegu is a rare resource that starts from the basics.

I bought in right after the first trial with Hemlatha. She encouraged me to not only learn spoken Telugu but also to read and write. I was able to recognise the alphabet within 10 classes. She also gives me insights into Telugu pop culture from time to time, making the lessons fun. She also been flexible with timings which is a big boon as I work long hours.



It is a Great Platform .We should have done this very early but better late than never. Even now as a thankful mother, my pen is pouring down my heart. Telugu teacher was so amazing with the kindest heart. She taught the language dedicatedly and at the first glimpse made to think it as wow so easy..
The tutor put enormous effort for our kid and made the model system so easy.
We are so thankful you I learnt a was a part of our of journey and helped my kids extensively.
Thank u once again


Narayan Rao

It was an amazing experience learning Telugu here esp. with Veena teacher…now I can very well communicate…Highly recommended.



My 9 year old son learns Spoken Telugu from on Skype, and he is showing lot of progress. It is so surprising to see him replying in Telugu.


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