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Student Testimonials

Dedicated Telugu teacher

It was an amazing experience learning Telugu here esp. with Veena teacher…now I can very well communicate‚ĶHighly recommended.

Narayan Rao

Happy with ilearntelugu classes

My 9 year old son learns Spoken Telugu from on Skype, and he is showing lot of progress. It is so surprising to see him replying in Telugu.




Best platform to learn Telugu

I already knew that studying by zoom was a great opportunity to study with a native speaker, and also save time and money; then I came across this Telugu online language classes. My choice was influenced by the straightforward and convenient payment methods, and also by the teaching staff.

My teacher Veena is a wonderful teacher. Being a native Telugu speaker, she handles lessons with ease. The conversations on various topics and the interesting exercises are a real plus. Detailed study of grammar is handled apparently.

After a lesson is over with Veena, you are in a great mood, with a smile on your face and a desire to speak Telugu. Thanks to ilearnTelugu.


Best Telugu School Online

I highly recommend the ilearnTelugu, online school for learning Telugu language. My teacher Divya is very supporting, motivating and make the sessions more interactive. She goes over the curriculum thoroughly and clarify doubts then and there. The course content is well structured and simple to understand. I wish the team a grand success. Undoubtedly 5 star…



Great Teacher and Great platform

It is a Great Platform .We should have done this very early but better late than never. Even now as a thankful mother, my pen is pouring down my heart. Telugu teacher was so amazing with the kindest heart. She taught the language dedicatedly and at the first glimpse made to think it as wow so easy..
The tutor put enormous effort for our kid and made the model system so easy.
We are so thankful you I learnt a was a part of our of journey and helped my kids extensively.
Thank u once again




It has been a good

It has been a good experience for my kids who are living in USA. They are learning to speak as well as read Telugu. The content is thorough covering all aspects of the language in a progressive fashion. Their teachers very friendly and encouraging, which definitely confirms their experience as a teacher. Teachers carefully adjusts the classes to suit the needs of the students, assuring confidence as well as challenging them. I would definitely recommend the classes, best way to pass our language to next generation for kids living abroad.