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Frequently Asked Question

Got questions about our Telugu language classes? You’re in the right place!  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

I want to learn Telugu. What kind of courses do you have?

  • The most popular course that we have is the “Spoken Telugu”, which is very effective for learning colloquial words. With this, you can confidently go and strike a conversation with anybody who knows Telugu.
  • We have separate courses for reading and writing Telugu aimed at beginner and intermediary level. With this, you can read and write in Telugu without any difficulty.
  • We also have advanced courses in Telugu grammar and literature. This is exclusively for people who want to explore the language fully.
  • Finally, we do cover academic oriented courses for students following India and Singapore school syllabuses

Well, can I learn reading and writing along with the Spoken Telugu? I need quick reading ability, like reading road signs and posters.

  • Yes, certainly. You can have the beginners reading and writing course along with the Spoken Telugu.
  •  All our lessons are flexible and can be tailored based on the student’s needs.

How can I get enrolled? Are there any eligibility criteria to attend your course?

  • For Spoken Telugu or beginner’s course, there’s absolutely no eligibility criteria. For intermediary and advanced courses, of course you should have sufficient knowledge equivalent to that of the earlier levels.
  •  To enroll in any course, provide us your contact details. We will schedule a free demo class per your convenience. There you can meet a tutor who will assess your needs and provide guidance from there on. The tutor will advise you with the recommended course that’s tailor-made for you.

Will there be any refund if I am not satisfied with the course at any point of time?

  • Very sorry to say that we won’t be able to process any refund. The classes are scheduled and the tutor’s time is blocked once the fees are paid.
  •  However, we are committed to work with you and set things right if we are at fault.
  •  Please note, there’s no expiry for the paid-up fees until it is utilized. Thus, you can take a break and come back later to complete the class.
  •  Further, we recommend you to use the “Pay as you go” facility in case you are non-committal for the full course.
  •  Of course, if you are not satisfied or felt that the course is not for you, you can walk away at any point of time, right from the free demo class, without paying any further amount.

Will they be all of my age group?

  • Well, in their enthusiasm towards learning Telugu, yes they are young and energetic.
  •  If you count them by calendar years, then they vary widely.
  •  We do have students right from 4 years through to 80 years old.
  •  However, due to safety reasons for the younger kids, we include their parents or guardians in the group instead.

How are the classes conducted? Are the tutors well experienced?

For Individual students, one-on-one live classes are conducted via Skype; For reading & writing, we screen share the digital white board. If you have a set of people who want to take the class as a group, then we do have group classes offered via conference tool. Don’t worry, you came to the right place. We are in the industry since 2011. Our tutors are well-educated, very knowledgeable and quite experienced.

I have zero knowledge in Telugu. I want to learn Spoken Telugu. Will I be able to pick-up easily?

  • Our Spoken Telugu and beginners courses are exclusively designed to help someone who is totally new to Telugu
  • For beginners who don’t know anything in Telugu, English is used as the medium. This will gradually shift to Telugu as the students gain fluency.
  •  We also have separate lessons aimed just for kids.

How long will it take for me to learn Telugu?

  • Regarding the learning time-line, that’s purely on your commitment, amount of effort and time you are able to dedicate towards this.
  • In general, most beginners can strike simple conversations just after 12 classes.

How many classes can I take per week? And what happens if I miss a class?

  • How many classes to take per week is entirely up to you. However, for optimum learning experience and sufficient self-practicing time, we suggest to not exceed 3 classes per week.
  •  If for some reason you couldn’t attend a scheduled class, we encourage you to inform us at least 3 hours in advance. That way, the class can be cancelled or rescheduled without any penalty.
  • However, if you miss a class without prior intimation, the fee for that class will be forfeited.

How much will the fees be? How & when should I Pay?

  • The fee amount will be per class basis and is arrived based on the course selection at the end of the free demo class.
  • Fee for the classes must be paid in advance in order to have them scheduled We do have “Pay as you go” facility where you can purchase a 10-claspackage, and use the classes as and  when required
  • You can pay using either PayPal or via bank account wire transfer.

Are there any students network or support group for interaction after the class hours?

  • Yes, currently we have a WhatsApp group which is being used as a forum to ask questions, clear doubts and share information related to improving your understanding of the Telugu language and culture.

Will it be the same tutor or they keep changing?

A tutor is allotted based on your course and timing preferences. It will be the same person who will be with you for the entire course – thus providing personalized attention.
In rare cases, like medical and such reasons, when that tutor can’t continue, another tutor of the same cadre will be allotted.
However, in case you aren’t comfortable with the allotted tutor, you may raise your concern with us. We will certainly look into it and help resolve the issue or change the tutor if necessary.

Will you provide the study materials? Do I need to “have” anything?

  • Yes, we will provide you with a soft copy of the topics covered during the session in PDF format.
  •  You need to have a working computer with internet connection – that’s all.
  •  Well, actually any internet device that can run Skype, Zoom or Google Meet and can open a PDF is sufficient.
  •  However, we recommend using a computer with a headset and mic for optimum experience.

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